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The KEY to The Masi Marketing Organization is the word...


It's about the company we keep, and the relationships we have built over 30 years.

Now you can leverage our relationships and resources to accelerate your company's growth.

Check out our 7 Attributes of Marketing

Please take the time to read this site, and detemine which assets you would like to leverage.

When you partner with us for Business Development Services, we bring you access to valuable relationships that have been developed over decades.

#1. One of Our Specialties is Joint Ventures

which includes Strategic Alliance Procurement & Management

Alliances Help You Grow Faster

You can accelerate your company's growth in your industry by making the best strategic relationships and partnerships possible. That will come natural when we work together.

Think of us a a Marketing Consortium at your fingertips; 

Sort of a Factory for Growth through Strategic Alliances.

Ask us how we turned a broken down (failing) jewelry company into full-fledged direct selling company that has since done over $3 billion in sales

#2. High-Velocity Sales is a Rare Specialty

why not consider aPrelaunch or Pre-Sale of Your New Product

Pre-Sales Reduce Risk and Save and Money!

Imagine if you could PRE-SELL your product, regardless of what it is. What does that do to the RISK FACTOR?

Through your partnership with us, you can leverage our new platform called PreSale Nation. 

Think of it as a Factory for PreSales through Strategic Alliances.

Ask us how we performed a 3-day turnaround and converted a Billionaire's real estate development project that was 'dead in the water' into an award-winning project

#3. Business Forecasting is Essential

why not start with aPowerful Financial Forecast Your New Product

A Good Forecast Gets Your Project Funded!

CPA's are great, and we all need them, but they are more about keeping score of results. As producers of results, you must know if a product or service will make money.... ....beforehand!

Call it what you will, a Proforma or Projection, these "P" Words are vital to knowing if you are winning or losing.

Need help with a 3-year or 5-year Proforma for your investors? Let our economic consulting service help you hit a home run.

By the way, if you are looking for funding, you MUST HAVE these documents.

If you are a growth company, ask us about Job-Creation Tax Incentives. It's essentially FREE Money!

#4. Customer Engagement is Vital Today!

Unmatched Proprietary Rewards & Loyalty Programs

REWARDS & LOYALTY - Drive Consumer Spending and Your Income

When it comes to REWARDS & LOYALTY, Masi Marketing invented the best!

You can get Direct Access

 to QuantumCash!

As the exclusive marketing agent for QuantumCash (with 4 patents issued),  we can have the QuantumCash Rewards program up and running for you in no time flat! It is the ultimate cash rewards program for banks, credit card issuers, and any retailer.

We CREATED Earning Social

For YOU to Use!

As owners of Earning Social (with over 2,000 major merchants participating), we can really add value to any venture or company you have.

Employee Engagement & Loyalty.

Let us customize and scale an Employee Engagement Program that will have your employees Loving You!

Lifetime Customer Loyalty.

What is the value of Lifetime Customer Loyalty! Let us PROVE to you that it is possible.

Our initial consulting session is free.  

Contact us TODAY!

#5. Content Delivery is Key....

Cool and Classy Delivery of Content Wins Favor!

Your Story can be displayed in a Dynamic Digital Dashboard that will captivate employees, customers and fans.

Better looking images

Improved sharing

Cloud backup

Custom effects

Smart Adjustments

Amazing Results!

We have Partners with millions of visitors

#7. Real Estate Estate Still Rules....

Real Estate Estate Still Rules....

Is it Time to Take Action?

 When you join forces with us, we can bring other relationships together for your projects.  

We can event create Joint Ventures that add INSTANT VALUE and produce FASTER RESULTS because all parties have a vested interest in the Venture. 

With a modest retainer, you can have access to our broad range of consulting services.  This can save you an inordinant amount of time, money and frustration. 

Choose form a Menu of Services

Marketing & Consulting Services

Real Estate   | E-Commerce  |   Direct Sales   |  New Products

We can partner or consult, or both.  You Decide!

  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Customer Experience Consulting
  • Ambassador Marketing Programs
  • Campus Marketing Programs

  • Advertising Design Consultation
  • Graphic Design Consultation
  • 3-D Graphic Animation
  • Repositioning of Projects & Products
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Strategic Marketing Alliances
  • Business Proforma Consultation
  • Product Brokerage
  • Acquistions & Deal Enhancement

  • App Design
  • Custom App Deployment
  • Mobile Marketing Apps

Consider Our "CMO On-Demand" Arrangement

If you don't have a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), save your company $200,000 per year by out-sourcing the work to us.

We conduct regularly scheduled virtual meetings.  

We accentuate the need for completions.

Joint Ventures Possible

Go faster, farther and bigger! More importantly, get it done!

It all begins with a conversation. Let's have one.Contact us today.

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